Wednesday, July 4, 2007

8 months already and we're learning new tricks!

Yes, we are 8 months old already! Emma is our most mobile and she loves to stick out her tongue as she is showing in the pic! She "slithers" all around the house, showing up in the weirdest places!!! I love watching her get around the house!
Matty has discovered his feet, as shown in the pic! He loves sucking on his toes and rolling all around the living room! He is doing excellent-no more crying and fussiness like before the surgery. He loves taking his bottle, and believe it or not, is my best solid food eater. He eats an entire jar of vegetables and an entire jar of fruit and still cries for more!
Austin and Katie are doing well. Austin has really became "vocal" lately, really making it known he is around! Katie, too. She "talks", too, her voice so much more raspy than the rest! We feed Katie 2x/day now, 10 tsp of pudding. She does so well and is getting so big!
We took the kids for their 8 month weight check on Tuesday, and they are as follows:

Matthew 12.10 lbs (up from 11.6 lbs last month)
Emma 15.15 lbs (up from 14.14 lbs)
Kaitlin 15.2 lbs (up from 14.2 lbs)
Austin 18.4 lbs (up from 17.14 lbs) didn't gain much but I attribute it to his reflux vomiting )

The doc is very pleased with their progress. After their 9 month checkup, doc said we would begin table food!!!! Higher calorie foods for them.................. :) I am so lucky they are doing so well!


Brandi said...

Getting SO big and learning to do SO many new things! How exciting! :) When they are this little, it is definitely the little things in life that happen that mean & count the most! Have fun doscovering all your little ones discover as they continue to grow. :)
So happy to hear they are all doing so well! As Sheth would say... "Perfect! Perfect! No points off!" :) lol...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann!
I think it is great that they are all learning new things! I know I am proud of Joey & Nicky when they do different things too! You shoud be so proud of yourself and all that you have done with your babies. Before you know it they will be turning one! The all did great at the doctors keep up the good work!

Carolyn said...

I laughed at the shot of the tongue. One of mine always had her tongue out. Every picture for 2 months it was hanging out. That finally did stop abut a month or so. Now I miss it.
Your babies are getting so big so fast. Good growing!