Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting so, so big!

Katie is virtually doing a split here-kind of funny to look at! And, Austin is getting into a bag of clothes! They are getting way too big for me!


Brandi said...

OMG-- everytime I see them or see a new pic they seem to change so much!! They are getting so so big and oh how so, so cute!!
p.s. I think Katie may be you future cheerleader!! Rah rah rah!! Go Katie GO!! :)

Sarah said...

Oh Annie! They are getting to be so big! They are all so cute. Austin looks like a mini-Nick. Can't believe they have grown so much since we were out last. They'll be walking and running and talking before we get a chance to see them again. :( Time sure is flying by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann!
The are so cute and getting so big.