Saturday, April 28, 2007

Katie is my Trouble maker!

Well, no, not really. She's just given us two very eventful days. Yesterday, we rushed her to CHOP's Emergency Room because her J tube clogged and I couldn't unclog it for the life of me! So, after a 5 hour visit, Interventional Radiology put a new tube in................Then tonight, Katie decided to take her J tube out!!! Yes, her feeding tube was OUT! So, tonight I took her back to CHOP's ER-two days in a row.........however, IR was not around, and she was admitted. Docs were nice enough to put her in NICU with Matty, so I don't have to go far to visit two of my babies. We are unsure whether her J tube will be put back tomorrow (Sat) or Monday................While I was there, they stuck her four times for an IV, with no luck. Poor baby.............................
Matty is doing well. Still in a lot of pain, but that is expected. I peeked in on him tonight and he was sleeping soundly..............still no poopy diaper!


Anonymous said...

hi ann
I hope they are both home again soon and that this is this last trip to the hospital! Get Well Soon!

Preemienurse said...

Oh geez, Annie! These kids!!! I hope Matty poops soon and starts to feel better so he can eat and go home! Crazy how much bad stuff they found in there, but the good news is that he's FIXED and hopefully will be feeling TONS better after he recovers from surgery.

Now Katie...oh boy! Have they been able to put a Mic-key button in her yet? That is the one thing I can think of that will help - because then you can unhook her totally when moving her around - so much easier and less messy than with the regular g-tubes. They're much lighter, as well, and don't pull so heavily on the hole. Plus even with the tubing, it lays more flat across her belly so what we tell moms to do is put a onesie on the baby that is a size or two TOO SMALL so it's nice and snug - almost impossible for baby to pull out the tube then, just makes it more stable overall.

Keep us posted!

Sarah said...

Oh Annie! What a busy last 2 weeks you've had! They should give you a special card to accumulate "points" for all you visits down to CHOP. Then you could cash them in for a trip somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Kids do the Damnest things!

Tricia said...

We're praying Matty gets back on the bottle soon and home...Praying for Katie girl too. How frustrating to be there just because her tube fell out. I hope she gets here new tube and is home shortly too.
Hang in there