Monday, April 23, 2007

Where's Matty?????

We're missing a baby! Matty!
This is the first chance I had to update the blog in about a week. Last Thursday, Matthew was admitted to CHOP through the emergency room. I took him to the pediatrician that morning for fussiness, a puffy belly, and he wasn't eating well. After x-rays were taken, the ped thought Matty had a partially blocked intestine.
After many tests at CHOP, it was confirmed, Matty does have a partially blocked small intestine. This is a late complication of the NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) he had in the NICU. Apparently, it is only a small area that is a "stricture". This small area will be cut out, and the two remaining pieces will be sewn together. Poor Matty has not been able to eat since Thursday, and is on IV fluids for nourishment. He is miserable and cranky.
We hope within one week of the surgery Wednesday Matty will be home with us. Say a prayer for him, please!


Anonymous said...

hi ann
austin and the girls look great! sorry matthew is still not home we will continue to pray fo him. your children are all so strong he will be home soon!

Brandi said...

Ann... Katie looks SO much like you in this picture!! Wow! Too cute. :) I love the matching dresses!