Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wilke Quads turn FOUR!!!!

How in the world could my "babies" turn FOUR? Seriously-FOUR years old???? And I'm still calling them my "babies"...I think I always will! :) We had a great day on November 3rd. Thanks to our good friends, the Kennedy's, we decided to use their birthday present, gift cards to Build a Bear! My kids have been there, however, only one at a time, and with my I was a bit anxious to see how taking four of them at once would be.....It went WELL!!!! It was so much fun to watch them pick out which bear they wanted...and all were different! They listened intently to the worker there, and did just as she asked.....They had an absolute blast! As we left, the girl gave me free ChickFila coupons for the off to ChickFila for lunch we went! :)
When we arrived home, we were greeted with a bunch of balloons and cookies from Aunt Patti and Uncle Vinny.....this totally made my day and their day, too! What a surprise!
At night, we had family over and celebrated once more....We had vodka rigatoni and yummy cake!
I feel so grateful and blessed that I have so many wonderful people (family, friends, and my cyber buddies, too!) that genuinely care about me and my children. Life IS good! :)

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