Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa Claus came to preschool!

The kids had a special treat at their preschool Christmas party! Santa Claus arrived! We heard the jingling bells and just KNEW it was Santa! Matty, Emma, Katie, and Austin were simply AMAZED....and soooo happy!!!! Well, that is, until Katie opened the present Santa gave her. She was MAD! LOL She turned to me, and said, "Mom-where is my PINK GUITAR??????????" LOL She continued, "I don't want THIS!" (meaning the My Little Pony book Santa had given her!) I could not believe the words coming out of her mouth! She sure is becoming an independent and spunky little girl!!! She knows what she wants-that's for sure!!! I did have to explain to her that the "big" presents Santa brings underneath the tree---that he didn't have enough room to bring it to the preschool.....LOL. Gotta love kids! :)

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