Monday, November 30, 2009

3 year old checkup

I took the babies for their 3yo checkup. By myself. And then even stopped at my sis's work......I have to was do-able! MAYBE, just MAYBE, things will start getting easier??? LOL

Anyway, here are their stats.....all are doing great. Austin's in the 75th% for height and Emma is in the 65% for weight!!! Matty is in 13% for weight, and 5th % for height......
Katie is in 22nd% for weight, and 33th% for height....

Emma 32lbs 37.5 inches
Matthew 28lbs 35.5 inches
Katie 28lbs 36.75inches
Austin 33.5lbs 39inches

1 comment:

Brandi :) said...

lol... looks like the sight of the Zerilli kids on the scene at Dr. Sheth's! lol... Checking everything out, climbing on the stool, climbing on the table, lining up on the table... :)
You are so very lucky to be blessed with 4 happy & healthy 3 yr. olds. Good job, Mommy!