Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a day.............

Oh, it was surely one of those exhausting days. I am sooo tired.

We took the kiddos for their 20 month checkup today. Nick woke up in the mid of the night burning up with a fever. We gave him Tylenol and he seemed to be doing better today. In any event, we had Nick checked out at the ped also. It turns out Nick has a throat infection, Emma has a double ear infection, and Matty has a sinus infection, croup, and a throat infection with puss-like polyps on his throat. Lovely, huh?

We were going to attempt to bring the kids to the fireworks. I know, crazy, but they all seemed to be doing fine, and Nick was really bugging us. Sooooo, we took them to Friendly's for dinner and all HE** broke loose. Matty would not stop whining, Nicholas' fever came back. So I was holding Nicky b/c he truly did not feel well. Then I had Matty on my other lap b/c he was crying, and I was getting one of "those stares" from another prissy-like customer. You know, one of those "stares" that are a little too long, kind of saying, "Shut your kid up." I think we've all had them, but I was getting quite annoyed with this woman-
Anyway, obviously, we decided to not go to the fireworks..................We came home, put everyone to bed, and gave everyone their meds. We are having a picnic tomorrow with my family-I sure hope everyone is feeling better! :)


Brandi :) said...

DEFINITELY "one of those days", huh?? OMG-- so sorry to hear about everyone being sick, having to deal with "rude" people when you are out, etc. You really got it from all angles today, huh?
Well, hope everyone gets/feels better soon! :) Have a great & healthy holiday weekend!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
I am sorry to hear everyone is so sick. You are better than me I would have said something to the lady or if not me Anthony would have. If you don't want to hear noise don't go to Friendly's to eat! I hope everyone is feeling better and that you have a great time at the picnic today! Happy
4th of July to you all!