Monday, May 5, 2008

18 MONTHS????!!!!!!

We took the babies for their 18 month checkup oh my, where did the time go???
My big guy, Austin, so darn cute. He's OFF (above!) the charts for Height! And he's a preemie!!!! And my Katie is NOT following her growth curve..........she did not gain any weight in 2 weeks...........
Here are the stats, in birth order!:

Matthew 21.1 lbs 31 inches long
Emma 22.13 lbs 32 1/4 inches long
Katie 19.7 lbs 31 3/4 inches long
Austin 25.3 lbs 35 inches long

It was a pretty good appt. B/C of Emma's constipation, I have to give her a suppository every night for one week. And as for Katie, ped mentioned putting back the feeding tube. Tom is adament against it..........I understand where he's coming from.............I guess time will tell.

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Kim said...

Hi Ann,
Glad to hear the visit went well. Way to go the charts for height!!! Hopefully Katie will start gaining some weight soon. I know you will do everything possible for her so she doesn't have to have the tube put back in.