Saturday, March 29, 2008

Extreme Sour Warheads!

Yes, that is what Aunt Patti and Uncle Vinny gave the kiddos for Easter......(amongst other things!) Well, Lexi and Nicky had a field day today trying to get me, my mom, my dad to try the "yummy tasting" candy, as Nicky put it. NOT!!! Well, Nicky and Lexi decided to have a contest to see who could keep the Warhead in their mouth longer..........Check out their faces-sooo funny!!!


Brandi :) said...

OMG-- these things are SOOOOO SOUR!!
It's funny that you posted about Warheads & the kids trying to get you to eat one... lol... because Angelia & I pulled a fast one on Michael this week and got him to eat a watermelon Warhead with no warning! lol... his face lookerd a lot like Nicky & Lexi's... lol. :)

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
The pictures are great! Too Funny!

Sarah said...

Warheads are exactly what Aunt Patti would give! So funny! You've been busy this last week!