Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a GREAT big brother!

Nicholas is really a great big brother. He is ALWAYS trying to play with the babies. He does sometimes get a little too rough, but it's all in good spirits. He loves to try and "tackle" the babies, but he always cradles their heads in his hands as he wrestles them to the ground. He really is good with them. And they adore him! Austin and Emma especially-wow, they laugh and laugh when they see him coming! They know they're in for a good time! :)


Kim said...

Hi Ann,
That is nice to know that Nicholas is doing a great job at being a big brother. I am sure it is cute to watch them play together but just remind him that when the get bigger the four of them will be knocking him down! Thanks for the new pictures...can you post a new picture of Austin!!??

Brandi :) said...

That is awesome!! Great job, Nicky-- what a good big brtoher! You are a very lucky little man. :)