Friday, October 19, 2007

March of Dimes "Every Baby has a Story"

We attended the MOD "Every Baby has a Story" at CHS@ Mercer. We met our friends, the Zerilli family there. The March of Dimes is about ALL babies... those born healthy and those that need our help to survive. Every baby has a story, and they want those stories told. So, we got to "hop on the bus" and "tell our story." I told about how at 29 weeks pregnant, I was SHOCKED to find out I was actually having FOUR babies!!!!! So, check out and read the amazing stories written about all the babies. It really makes for some good reading! :) And while you are there, donations always help! :)

1 comment:

Brandi :) said...

Uh-oh... looks like another "Multiples Convention" is in town!!! :) lol...

I am glad we got to be a part of this. The MOD is such a wonderful organization!! Thank goodness for them.... :)

Lexi-- thank you for entertaining my "babies" with snacks!! You are their "buddy" for sure, now! :)