Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daddy gave Matty a hair cut!

Daddy broke out the clippers tonight! Matty's hair was getting crazy on the side and back. So, Daddy brought out his beard trimmer and trimmed Matty's sides and back of his head. He was growing a tail in the back! :) As you can see, Matty is not pleased with the outcome! :)


Helena said...

It's ok, Matty. It's only hair. It'll grow back, I promise. And next time Daddy comes at you with the clippers, tell him "No! I like my tail."

Zerilli family said...

You look very handsome, Matty! Good job, Daddy!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
Matty looks so cute with his haircut. Joey has had 3 trims so far that Anthony did and poor Nicky has no hair yet!
Good Job Tom!