Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A night of Christmas lights....

The pictures are dark, but we did go see the Martell House this year again. The Martell house is a local home that has an enormous light display in his front yard, backyard, etc. It has become "tradition" for our family to take a walk through every year. Aunt Patti, Uncle Vinny, Nanny, Lexi, Nick, the babies, and Mommy all ventured to this home on a Saturday night....Austin initially would NOT take a picture with Santa Claus...he just stood from afar and kept mentioning "tool bench" loudly, so that Santa could hear him! LOL By the end of our walk, Austin did want to take a picture with Santa.....and they got more candy canes, too!!!! All in all, a successful trip to see Christmas lights.... :)

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