Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jenkinson's Aquarium 4/8/10

I made a very last minute decision to take the kids down to Point Pleasant beach on this very hot afternoon. We went to Jenkinson's Aquarium for the first time-and it was a success! The kids are at a great age to be interested in seeing different "fishies" and animals. Afterwards, we even took a few steps in the sand.....the girls said, "Mommy, WHAT IS THIS???" LOL....It's not like you bring your quadruplets to the BEACH everyday! :) MAYBE this year, tho......MAYBE.....All in all, we had a great day trip.....Nick won some prizes after playing some games, we ate some good ice cream.......we can't wait for summer!


AnnK said...

Katie you look like a movie star"" beautiful Picture . Ln
Love Grandmom !!!!!

Brandi said...

yay-- so glad you guys went and had a good time! It's a nice size and enough for the little ones to experience... not too overwhelming.
We'll have to go down in the Fall when they have the Halloween-themed set-up... it's neat! :)