Thursday, October 29, 2009

3rd birthday party................already???!!!!!

Yes, it is true!!!! I cannot believe I had my little ones' 3rd birthday party already......on 10/25. They don't "officially" turn three until 11/ I did have the party a week early or so........but still, can it really be possible they are three years old???!!!! I am still in shock. But I do know for certain, that I am the luckiest mom alive----Besides my adopted older two children, and my seven year old son, I am forever blessed with happy and healthy quadruplets. I truly feel like I won the lottery! :)


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Wilke Quads! You may not know me but I enjoy reading your updates while I am at work. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Stephanie (from Toronto,CANADA)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! They look adorable in their birthday outfits.

Anonymous said...

Your kiddos are so cute! My boys had so much fun riding the rides with them and Rees had a blast chasing Nick around :) Thank you so much for the invite. Sorry we were fashionably late!