Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nicky LOVES to roller skate.........

We had a second birthday to go to of Nick's classmates.............he could NOT wait to go rollerskating there. He absolutely loves it. The party was at one of those places that have a variety of things to do: roller skating, jungle gym, bounce houses, arcade, etc...........Nick ran right for the roller skates and had so much fun!


The Huling Family said...

Ok I am having problems leaving a comment on this post. Let's give it another try.
Where was this at? It looks like so much fun!
You really are something. Two parties then coming home uploading your pics, emailing and then blogging. I bow down to you!!!!

Brandi :) said...

sounds like a lot of fun!
wow-- roller skating... I have not done that in ages!

Mark and Julie said...

Looks like he is having so much fun! I can't rollerskate to save my life, LOL.

Thanks for the sweet comment Annie :)