Monday, June 16, 2008

Matty's GI appointment

Nicky, Matty and I ventured down to CHOP this afternoon for Matty's GI appointment. Matthew is up to 21.11 lbs and is 30.5inches tall. He did not have as significant gain as he did last visit, but he still gained and I am happy. Matty is in the 5th % for his height for his ACTUAL age, and is in the less than 5th% for his weight for his ACTUAL age. No adjusting for his two months premature, so that is a great sign that he is on the charts!!! :) Anyway, I expressed my concerns of Matty's height (or lack thereof!)........Doc assured me that Matty is within the "normal" guidelines, and basically told me NOT to compare the four babies. It's hard NOT to-Austin is like 27 lbs and at least 36 inches tall! That's a BIG difference-you can't help but compare! :)


Kim said...

Hi Ann,
I am glad to hear that the doctors think Matt is doing well. I compare Joey & Nicky all the time is hard not to. You are doing a great job with them.

Misty said...

It is impossible not to compare the 4 to each other. I do it all of the time. One of mine isn't even 30in and is just under 20lbs. You are doing such an amazing job with them. And good job to Matty! And tell him not to worry, I have an adorable peanut who will have to look up to him!! (Skye)