Monday, December 3, 2007

13 months old!

Ican't believe it's been even a month since their 1st birthday! Yes, they are already 13 months old. Amazing how time truly flies. They are all doing so well-I feel sooo lucky every morning I wake up.
Emma continues to be our ringleader. She is beyond walking, practically running! She has two bottom teeth finally! She mimics me, saying a variety of consonants and vowels. She still loves to play hide and seek: she hides behind my sheer curtains, thinking I cannot see her. She's all smiles while behind them. Then she bolts from the curtains and runs towards me laughing her butt of. She is still so inquisitive and gets into everything. She is sooo naturally curious.
Austin is walking. He is not as sturdy as Emma, but he does walk well. He is such a teddy bear. And we have dubbed him "the avoider." He doesn't fight for anything he wants, he just avoids. If Emma is trying to grab his sippy cup, instead of getting in a tug of war with her, he just turns his body away from her to keep drinking. So funny to watch them interact with each other.
Matty is putting on weight. He weighed in at a whopping 17.5 lbs today! :) He is surely getting there...............He still loves to be held by me, and his new thing is crawling on the couch. He loves being on the couch with me. Matty is cruising along the furniture, but no walking yet. He will walk with one of those walking toys, but not on his own. In due time.............
Matty is making more sounds. He says "lalalalal" and "yayayaya" along with "dadadada".........I'm sure once he starts talking we won't get him to stop!
And my Katie girl. She is such a good girl. I keep wondering when she's going to get some devil horns! :) She is almost walking-she just won't take that first step yet. She stands for minutes on end, and almost does a crawl/walk...............crawls, but with her butt way up in the air...........again, funny to watch. She says all kinds of consonant sounds, too. She is such a good, sweet girl. She never yells, unless something is wrong. When she wakes up in the morning, she doesn't cry like the rest of them. She'll just sit and play in her crib, or sit and suck her thumb, as content as ever. She amazes me daily. I can't wait to have her swallow test done in February-I sure hope there is progress!!!!


Brandi :) said...

Wow-- times flies, doesn't it?? It's amazing. Glad to hear they are all doing SO well and are now "on the go" & babbling about. As always, I love the pics... they are too cute!

Sarah said...

I'm so happy everyone is thriving! Glad little Matty is growing well. You know I have a soft spot for little NEC groupies...

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
I love the new pictures. I love watching them grom up! It was great seeing you all last Saturday thanks again for coming to Joey & Nicky's party!