Saturday, August 4, 2007

9 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe they are 9 months old! They are doing absolutely wonderful. Austin and Emma are pulling themselves up into standing positions-Emma even tries to let go, but falls right down! Austin and Matty both have teeth (Austin has 2 bottom and Matty has 1) Katie sits up so perfectly-she has perfect posture! Emma and Kaitlin both sit up-Austin does, but doesn't like to. They all crawl-although Katie prefers to sit up and suck her thumb! It is amazing to watch them in person-I am so lucky to be their mother!


Kim said...

Hi Ann,
WOW! I can't beleive how big they have gotten! They are all so cute
before you know it they will be turning one! Keep posting new pictures I love seeing them!

Sarah said...

It's amazing how fast the time goes! Just a few months ago they were only lounging around and looking at things. Now they're getting into the dishwasher! It's just great they're doing so well.

AnnK said...

Annie These Pictures are so cute. the babies are growing so fast.. It looks like to me the emma is sitting alone at the kitchen table.. Love Mom