Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve

So, we are about to approach the New Year and I realize that this time last year, life was sooo different. Not any better or worse, just different. It's amazing when I stop and actually realize I gave birth to four healthy babies this year, at one time!!!
We are adjusting well to our three babies at home. And the babies are adjusting well, too! Matthew is doing much better; however, we have had to figure out some better and more creative sleeping arrangements for him. All babies sleep 3-4 hours at a time before needing to be fed. It's not bad at all. The first few nights with Matthew home were really, really hard. But since he has been doing better, it's manageable. I actually slept until after 11am this morning!!! That is so not like me. But since the babies went back to bed after their 7am feeding, so did I!

Kaitlin is doing so well! I am so proud of her. She is totally off her CPAP and docs at Mercer expect her to be transported back to CHOP this week. As far as we know, she needs to have a repeat MRI done, another swallow study, and another scope done at CHOP before she can come home. If it is determined she cannot still bottle feed (b/c of aspirations (formula goes to her lungs)) then I am under the impression she will have a "g-tube" put in. Basically, we would feed her thru her belly; the formula would bypass her esophagus and go right into her belly. I am told this would be a temporary thing, just until her tracheamalacia improves.

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Dana said...

Hi guys it is Dana from Mercer. They all look great. As for Katie a feeding tube is really no big deal, I say this with experience. My own daughter had one. With continuous feeds. But seriously you guys are doing a great job and life with kids, well what can I say, it is the best experience one can experience. And you will and are doing fine.Good luck and keep in touch.My e-mail is Dana