Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Mommy and Me pics....

I am trying to take more pics of the kids and me.....Here are my tries..... :)

Travel soccer!

Boys loving on Nanny and Poppy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FIRST day of Preschool

Wow, the time has little miracle "babies" started pre-school! How could this even be possible???? They were all anxious to go....and all did amazingly well. Well, except for Emma....lately she has been so attached to me. Emma cried and cried....I felt so bad. BUT, I placed her in Ms. Gail's care and Emma held on to her soo hard.....I felt bad, but I KNOW this is good for them AND for me! :) I am so proud of my babies....SO PROUD!

Pool time!

We spent many HOT afternoons in our backyard above ground pool this summer.....Here are some snapshots....

Philadelphia Zoo

My sister, Patti, and our friend, Debbie, took the kids to the Zoo. We had a bit of a late start, so when we ended up getting really far parking, we were thrilled to find a trolley that took us right to the Zoo!
In any event, kids had a great time, we had a great time.....More memories for the kiddos. LOVE being able to do these things with them....AND this is the FIRST time ALL the kids got a pony ride and was NOT scared!

Angelia's Birthday Party!

We had so much fun celebrating Angelia's birthday with her at Pump It Up. My kids jumped, jumped, and jumped! LOL

They had a blast with our friends, the Zerilli's, as always!

Thank you for inviting us! Happy Birthday to Angelia!!!

Nicky's 8th birthday

Wow...time really has flown by. My Bubba is 8 years old already. I remember like it was yesterday, the way he first turned his face to my voice soon after he was born. I was smitten in that moment.....My Nicholas has turned into such an amazing young man. He is thoughtful, caring, and the best big brother I could have asked for the little ones. He has never been jealous of the attention they get and has never been jealous of them. They are "his babies" as he calls them. Nicholas has become quite the athlete over the years. I really enjoy watching him play. He is amazing to watch.
Nicholas, Bubba.....Mommy is so very proud of you. You are an amazing son and brother. I adore each and every minute we spend together, and especially love our night time "cuddles" before you go to sleep. Happy 8th Birthday, my handsome boy. Love, Mommy x0x0x0

Poppy's 64th birthday

Tonight we celebrated Poppy's birthday. Nicholas insisted on wearing his Communion suit for the "party".....The kids had a great time singing to Poppy and celebrating with him! We love our Poppy!!! He is the BEST!