Friday, March 26, 2010

We made the newspaper!

This link shows the small story they did on our family as we attended the NICU Reunion at Sesame Place on 3/21/10. Check it out!

More Sesame Place pics...

Like I said, the kids had an absolute blast at the NICU Reunion at Sesame Place. I enjoyed seeing the doctors and nurses that were so instrumental in the care of my four little preemies. I get choked up at times thinking of those first days and weeks of their lives. March of Dimes is an amazing group of people that have changed the lives of so many families. My 31 week 5 day quadruplets would not have survived if the MOD did not fight and research years ago for the surfactant drug, which opens the lungs up for them to breathe. My children are thriving now, and I credit the team of NICU nurses/doctors, and the MOD staff for their health. Please donate to this worthy cause. They help so many families. Look what they did for me! :)

NICU Reunion at Sesame Place 3/21/10

As always, the Wilke family had a blast at the NICU Renunion held at Sesame Place. My children were very into it this year--understood the characters, and understood the Elmo LIVE show we were allowed to watch. We got some great shots of the kiddos with the characters, too....As shown here, Matty is proudly showing off of his MOD tattoo!

Washington DC trip with Cub Scouts 3/20/10

Fun visit with Aunt Patti and Uncle Vinny

Emma's expressions

I still can't believe how big they're getting....then I look at pics like these, and they amaze me! They are little people already!! :)

Austin in a blue dress...

This is how I found Austin one winter morning.....all dressed in the girls' dress, complete with a power drill!! I couldn't resist taking a pic, and saving it for blackmail one day! :)

Snow! Again! LOL

We have had a lot of snow this year.....Nicholas has been great with really becoming the "man" of the house, and helping out with the shoveling. I'm so proud of him!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alls I need is a baby......

LOL. Seriously, my kids were AMAZED at a friend's baby at Nick's batting cage practice. Little Ryan was in the stroller, and my four kids (as you can see) literally, just stood there staring at him! I wonder if I can borrow Ryan for the day?!

Line 'em up!

They were all waiting patiently to go have dinner! :) By the way, when you have this many kids-the less clothes, the less mess!!! :) Trust me!

Anya's 1st Birthday Party


We were invited to my "niece's" 1st Birthday Party-her name is Anya and she is a Bijon-Poo DOG!~ :) We had pizza, cake, and even played "Pin the Paw on the Dog"! :) The kids had a blast as always!

Painted nails

Mommy painted the girls' nails....and they thought they were "extra" beautiful on this night!

Disney on Ice! 1/30/10

The kids and I were so excited to attend our very FIRST Disney On Ice at the local arena! :) I was lucky enough to have my mom and sister tag along to "corral the kids"...and we met my very good friend, Brandi (who has trips plus ONE) there as well (and who told me of this event!).....I had a great time-definitely made me want to plan a trip to Disney World one of these days....and my kids also were amazed by the lights/sounds/characters....definitely a trip to remember! :)

Nicky's First Penance/Reconciliation 1/23/10

Nicholas made his First Penance on 1/23/10 with his class at Our Lady of Sorrows. He did a great job-he was a bit nervous as to what he was confessing to, but he did great, and we are so proud of him!!! Can't believe my guy is going to make his First Holy Communion in a few months!

Mommy's 33rd birthday 1/11/10

And I didn't even have to make a wish....I have everything I ever wished for: my beautiful and healthy children! :)