Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matty's eating habits

This is how Matty insisted on eating his ice cream........yes, like a dog! :)

Underwear models??

My Katie and Emma are starting to potty train.....with underwear! They thought they were hot stuff! :)

Sleeping arrangements

Well, this is how I found the quads sleeping......check out Austin literally ON TOP of Katie.........too cute!

Nick the football player

Look at those shoulders! LOL

Sitting at the big table

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday party down the shore.....

Nooooo, not for Nick this time, but rather a classmate. Nick and I had a great time sunbathing at the beach, going in the water, and going on so many rides!!!! :)

And a Trenton Thunder game for Nick's birthday!

To wind down Nick's birthday celebration week, he went to a local Trenton Thunder baseball game with Dad and the Cub Scouts. After the game, he even slept in the ballfield!!! What a cool experience for his 7th birthday!

More Kid Junction pics

Birthday celebrations! :)

When Nick woke up on his birthday morning, he was so excited to find out what was on the agenda for that special day. (Last year we went to Sesame Place-I guess we started a bad tradition!) So, after some investigative work, I found a place not too far away that could accomodate all the kids. Kid Junction. It was so much fun for all of them. The slides, ball pits, etc............along with several "pretend play" rooms that kept the kids busy for hours: post office, kids gym, supermarket, animal hospital, dress up and stage, pizza parlor.........It was a very cool place and I am actually considering have the babies' party there this year :)

My baby turned 7 !

Nicholas officially turned seven years old on 8/7/09. I can't believe how much he has grown. I am so proud of him for so many different reasons. He is a very, very good big brother to all the little ones. I could not have asked for anyone better. He is a sweet boy. He loves to antagonize Lexi, but that is what little brothers are supposed to do. :) I enjoy the moments I get to snuggle with him-night time is the best! :) As he goes to sleep, he tells me how much he loves his "momma" and that he loves me to infinity............and then even farther than that! :) I love this boy! :) Happy 7th birthday, Bubba! :) May all your dreams and wishes come true, my sweet boy. :)

"Driveway" band :)

Yes, Nick and Noah decided to become a "driveway" band.......Nick amused the neighbors with a lot of c razy drumming and dancing stunts! LOL :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pics of kids at football practice

Here are some random pics of the kids at Nick's football practice............Lexi was having fun with my Iphone :)

Nick's 7th birthday party!

Nick had a great time at his birthday party this year......surrounded by his bestest friends and family.........he had a blast! I can't believe my little boy is 7!!!

Nick had a great time at his birthday party this year!

Professional Pics

Nick is 7 years old........Babies are 33 months old

Marc is home!

We had a nice visit with Marc. We went out for a Chinese dinner........it was great to have him back home as part of our family.........

Poppy's 63rd birthday!

We sure do love our Poppy!!! Happy Birthday!

We sure do lo

Triplet Mom Summer Picnic 2009

We were able to make an appearance at the local Triplet Mom picnic in July. We only stayed for a bit............but definitely made time to eat some Wendy's! :)

A pile of babies :)

This is truly how my "litter" sleeps every night :)