Monday, December 29, 2008

Seeing all the presents...........

Christmas Breakfast

Yes, that is the Quads eating a lollipop @ breakfast. They were waiting patiently for their porkroll----we were just trying to hold them off till it was ready!! Sorry, Mom!!! :)

Christmas morning 2008

We had a really wonderful Christmas this year. Santa was very good to our children..........along with their grandparents and aunts/uncles. My kids got soooo much-I swear, it seems that they received EVERYTHING from Toys R Us. Austin was sooo excited for the play kitchen..........and a baby doll that cries when it doesn't have its binky was a big hit with the girls and Matty. Matty kept saying, "Baby..." too cute! The kids also LOVED their train table-although Austin is still super annoyed with the Thomas the trains that are magnetic----he gets so frustrated when he can't putthem together. The babies' big gifts were the play kitchen, train table, bounce house..........and then Elmo LIVE, TMX Elmo, and lots of Playskool/FP toys. Nick got the shoes he wanted (of course!), NY Giants charm/necklace, telescope, computer that has math/reading on it.................and lots of other stuff. And Lexi got a bunch of clothes from MP3 player, and a bunch of "My Chemical Romance" stuff..........

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We must have been VERY GOOD!!!!!

Christmas Eve pajamas

As with our tradition, every Christmas Eve the kids get to open one present.........and I *always* give the kiddos Christmas pajamas to open up. Once they are all ready for bed, we take a pic in front of the Christmas tree..............although tonight Matty was NOT having it. So, my kids decided to bring the picture to Matty.........on the couch!!!
Girls pj's say "I am Santa's Best Gift"
Boys pj's say "I'm One Tough Cookie" with gingerbread all over them..........

And there wasn't even mistletoe!

Two of my favorite 2 year olds..........


Christmas Eve pics

Merry Christmas!

Here are my little "elves".............

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lexi's concert video

I finally got one of Lexi's songs uploaded. She is the second "Santa" from the right.............listen to her belt out the tune!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nicholas' Christmas Gala

Four pukey kids!!!

I just took this pic a few minutes ago while checking on the little ones......sooo cute, all together on one bed!
We had a nightmare of a day. An absolute bad day.
When I woke up this morning, I did notice that Austin has throw up on his pajamas. He seemed fine and had no symptoms, so I thought maybe it was a fluke thing.
Fast forward to naptime. Tom was home today b/c Nicholas had his Holiday concert tonight. Well, the kids kept taking their diapers OFF. Tom and I would go in there and continue to put their diapers back on. Anyway, Tom and I laid down for an hour b/c we were exhausted, and when we got up, we realized the kids had had a "POOP PARTY" while we napped. Yes, the carpets, walls, you name it were covered in POOP. Katie was covered in poop. We almost took a pic of her to blackmail her with when she's about sixteen years old!!!!! :) But we didn't. :) Needless to say, between me bathing them, and Tom and I cleaning up the room, our afternoon was gone. Amongst the poop, we also found piles of throw up. Ugh. Nothing so gross as vomit and poop together. Trust me.
As you can imagine, everything they ate tonight, came back up. Emma is the only one not throwing up, but I'm sure she will be before long. I guess I can be happy that it happened now and they will be feeling good for Santa!!!! :) In the meantime, let's hope the rest of us (MEE!!!!) don't get it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Emma's 1st candy cane!

As I mentioned before, I took Emma with me to Nick's Cub Scouts Holiday party on Sunday. Santa Claus showed up and gave out peppermint candy canes to all the kids. Emma took one, and I opened it for her. She loved it! She devoured it really quickly! I was really shocked that she liked the peppermint taste so much!!!!!
BTW-by the end of the party, she ate TWO cupcakes and ice cream!!!! She was HAPPY! :)

Cub Scouts Holiday party!

On Sunday, Nick had his Cub Scouts Holiday party. I ended up bringing Emma with me, mainly to get some one on one time with her, AND the fact she screams when I am not around! :) Anyway, one of the activities the boys did was making a "snowman" out of toilet paper! Nick was the designated "snowman"...........the boys had a blast and did a really good job!


Nick played soccer in the Fall for two months or so.............and alls I heard about almost every day was getting the TROPHY!!!! He would wonder how big it was, what color it would be, would his name be on it, etc. I mean, he was relentless!!! Anyway, we FINALLY got a call from the soccer coach that the trophies and pictures were in and we would have a pizza party. Nick was so excited-he was beside himself! Soooooo, here is a pic of our anxiously awaited trophy! BTW-they are really nice, they even put the player's names on the trophies!!! Good deal!!!!! :) And I have to mention, that Nick is an excellent soccer player....he is so athletic (nothing like his mama!) He scored between 5-13 goals a game! No lie. He was such a natural out on the field-really fun and impressive to watch!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lexi's Holiday vocal concert

Lexi had her Holiday Vocal concert on Thursday night. She had TWO soloist parts and did GREAT! I couldn't believe how she belted out some of those tunes!!!! In the next post, I will show you all the video of one of her solo parts-----I am so proud of her! (I would have NEVER had enough nerve to sing in front of an audience!!!!) She is a really good girl.....Again, I am so proud of her!

Monday, December 8, 2008


This is not the best pic (camera phone!), but the babies saw snow for the first time tonight......we were leaving the mall and it was snowing! Emma and Matty were so amazed-they kept trying to put their hands up and "catch" the snow! So cute!!!!

Lunch at ChickFila!

Tom and I took the kids to ChickFila today for lunch. Nicholas was off from school
and wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese, but I was NOT ready for that adventure with four little ones! So I suggested ChickFila.........the babies did really well. I didn't realize there was no eating area in the play area, so I put all the kids in a booth and they STAYED there! I was impressed! :) No boosters/high chairs! Anyway, afterwards, they played, and played, and played. Tom chased the boys around and Austin LOVED it. He was giggling and laughing so hard, "No, Dada" he kept saying-so darn cute!!!!! They were all definitely worn out for their nap this afternoon-----so was Mommy! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Joey and Nicky!

On Friday, we got to celebrate our friends, Joey and Nicky's, 2nd birthday!

It's always so much fun when we get together with our friends. Kim and I have been friends since we became pregnant, and her boys are just a month or so younger than my crew. It's been so much "comparing notes" and such on our little ones' two years of life!

Happy Birthday Joseph! Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Tree!

We got our Christmas tree tonight! Since Tom and I have been married, we always bought a "real" tree. (I grew up with always an artificial tree!) Anyway, this year Tom wanted to cut one down himself-he wants it to be part of our family Christmas tradition. So off to the hardware store we went, to get a really sharp saw! Then off to the Farm. By the time we got there, the girls were fast asleep-so we only took the boys out of the van, and Lexi stayed behind with the girls. We searched and searched, and boy, was it a very "outdoorsy" thing to do...........the boys were falling all over the rocks/vines, and so was I! One vine even wrapped around my ankle (I wasn't wearing socks!) and scraped me!!! Anyway, we found our "perfect" tree and Tom cut it down. Tom came home and shaped it up, and it is now lit with white lights in front of our bay window. I hope to get it decorated tomorrow night............ :)